Vinegar And Dish Soap Organic Weed Killer It Works

By | June 6, 2014

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Thanks to my viewers for the suggestions and comments which lead me to try this all natural weed killer.

I got a sprayer and mixed up some pure off the shelf vinegar and some dish soap to spray my weeds with. I have an electric fence and the weeds are always growing up under the fence and touching the wires, shorting out the fence.

This mixture was suggested to me by multiple youtube viewers of my videos.

It works. I am quite amazed but it works well and fast. Sadly it is not a lasting effect but it does kill off everything it touches. Within a week though you would never know it because new growth soon takes over again.

I have heard that adding salt to the mixture creates a lasting effect and I plan to try that out soon. I will do a video when I try it and share my results.

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