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What Does the Future Look Like for Medical Cannabis Research?

What Does the Future Look Like for Medical Cannabis Research?

The cannabis plant is one of the most dynamic plants on earth.

It can be used to make textiles, fuel, and food.

Cannabis can also be used for euphoric and medical purposes. For many years, humans did not know what caused cannabis’ euphoric effects.

But, everything changed in the 1960s when Israeli chemist Raphael Mechoulam first isolated THC.

Mechoulam ushered in the modern era of medical cannabis research with his breakthrough and has continued his research over the years.

Barriers To Research

Whereas Mechoulam has been afforded the opportunity to extensively research medical cannabis, the same has not been true for most other researchers around the globe.

Cannabis prohibition policies have largely hindered medical cannabis research, especially in the United States, but also in many other countries.

Even where cannabis research has been allowed, the researchers have had to jump through tremendous hoops, and haven’t always had the best cannabis for their research.

Most global cannabis researchers have had to ‘make do’ with the research participants and cannabis used in the research, and that unfortunately skews results.

Fortunately, as prohibition continues to erode around the world, cannabis researchers are looking at brighter days on the horizon.

Embraced Researcher Versus Tolerated Research

The cannabis industry is absolutely booming wherever it is legally allowed to operate. 

Right now there are only two countries that have legalized cannabis for adult-use, however, dozens of countries now allow medical cannabis.

The rise of the legal cannabis industry is not only generating huge sums of cash, it is also changing minds and starting to drive research.

More patients and consumers are becoming aware of cannabis’ healing properties and realizing that it is a much safer alternative to alcohol.

That increased awareness is resulting in patient and consumer demand for new products and medicines at an ever-growing rate, and researchers will help make that happen.

With so much money flooding into the cannabis space and laws being reformed, it is creating the perfect storm for exponential growth in well-funded cannabis research.


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