Home CBD Education What the Heck Are CBD Coffee Pods? – 2021 [ April ]

What the Heck Are CBD Coffee Pods? – 2021 [ April ]

What the Heck Are CBD Coffee Pods? – 2021 [ April ]

If you’ve been keeping up with all the latest CBD products to hit the market, you’ve probably asked yourself, “What the heck are CBD coffee pods.”

A recent study found 79% of the population prepares and drinks coffee at home, so it’s no surprise that coffee pods swept the nation by storm. 


Single-serve coffee pods?! 

No more measuring and fiddling with filters?!

What’s not to love? 

CBD coffee pods combine the best of both worlds—caffeine and the calming qualities of CBD. It’s the perfect combination for people who already start their day with coffee. 

There are so many different CBD drinks popping up on the market these days, so we get it; it’s hard to keep up. 

Let’s explore this topic a little more and see how the combination of caffeine and cannabinoids can enhance your day. 

So, What Are CBD Coffee Pods? 

We know it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out CBD coffee is CBD-infused coffee grinds, but the more pressing question lies behind the manufacturing process. 

Although the manufacturing process may vary from company to company, nano-emulsified CBD is the new wave for CBD coffee pods. 

Nano-emulsified CBD sounds annoyingly scientific, but it just means the CBD molecules are much smaller, which means increased bioavailability effectiveness. 

Most of the companies you’ll see online specify if they utilize this new technology. They should also reference whether or not they conduct lab testing for their products (which you want to see). 

What is CBD? 

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It’s a naturally-occurring compound found in hemp plants that contains less than 0.3% THC. 

The Farm Bill of 2018 legalized hemp in most of the country, making it possible to get high-quality hemp delivered right to your doorstep. 

With THC levels this low, hemp-derived products boast impressive therapeutic benefits that revolve around a general state of relaxation and enhanced wellness. 

If you’re someone who wants to stay away from trace amounts of THC (the 0.3%), you have broad-spectrum hemp, and CBD isolate options available to you—100% free of THC. These options undergo an additional extraction process to remove those cannabinoids. 

There are several ways to extract CBD from the hemp plant and transform it into oils and powders companies use to make their products. It’s incredible to see the industry grow with new technology, making CBD wellness much easier for all involved. 

How Does CBD Coffee Make You Feel? 

cbdfx us blog Understanding CBD What Does CBD Stand For whats inside cbd add to routineIt’s best to begin this section with a quick yet essential fact—CBD affects everyone differently. This has everything to do with your unique personal factors. 

You know, the things about you that make you, well, you. We’re talking about your weight, height, age, metabolism, body chemistry, genetics, and so forth. 

For the most part, many people say the calming effects of CBD minimize the jittery feelings coffee may produce at times. This proves to be especially helpful for people who love coffee, even though it may leave them feeling a little anxious. 

All in all, CBD and coffee seem to balance each other quite nicely. 

Still, Take It Easy on the Coffee Beans

cbdfx us blog What the Heck Are CBD Coffee Pods coffee beansAs exciting as this innovative blend is, you still want to take it easy with caffeine. Too much caffeine produces some unsavory side effects like anxiety, insomnia, rapid heart rate, and fatigue. 

But how much is too much? 

Researchers say most people can tolerate up to 400mg of caffeine per day, roughly about 4 cups of coffee per day. This still depends on the amount of caffeine in each cup of coffee. 

More importantly, you have to understand your body and its limits. You know when you’re starting to feel a little off and probably know how much caffeine you can tolerate in a general sense. 

The rush you feel from your coffee comes from a caffeine-triggered adrenaline reaction. This stress reaction is also known as the “fight or flight” reaction. It’s the reason you have more energy and heightened alertness, but all good things must come to an end, so you crash not long after. 

Then there’s the whole sleep thing—too many lattes, and you’re staring at the ceiling contemplating the good, bad, and ugly in your life. 

Most people either love coffee to the point they can’t see starting their day without it, or they steer clear of it altogether. 

Shopping for Quality CBD 

Shopping for quality CBD coffee pods is just like shopping for any other product. You want to pay attention to two things primarily—how the hemp is grown and if it’s lab tested. 

Interestingly, these two ideas are interconnected. 

You want a company utilizing organic farming techniques because any use of chemicals or pesticides makes its way into the plant’s composition. This happens because the hemp plant soaks up everything in the surrounding soil during the farming process, called bioaccumulation. 

Without organic farming techniques, all of these things (chemicals, toxins, and pesticides) show up on lab tests. Any reputable company conducts independent lab tests, and they’re happy to showcase the quality of their products. 

Looking at any lab report, you can see the exact concentration of the product, which helps confirm the advertised amount matches. You’ll also be able to see any harmful substances like those chemicals, toxins, and pesticides that seep in during inadequate farming processes. 

Last but not least, see what other people have to say. Most of us check reviews for everything else, so why not CBD? 

Final Thoughts on CBD Coffee 

If you love coffee and CBD, then CBD coffee pods are most definitely worth checking out. 

Checking out the higher rate of bioavailability is reason enough to see what the experience entails. 

Just remember, everything in moderation—CBD drinks included!

Coffee not your thing, but you still want to try a CBD drink? 

Grab one of our CBD Focus Shots right now!


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