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When Should You Use a CBD Bath Bomb?

When Should You Use a CBD Bath Bomb?

Whether it’s much-needed self-care or recovery after an intense workout, you may have asked yourself when you should use a CBD bath bomb

When it comes to relaxation and comfort, few natural supplements compare to the warmth and satisfaction of CBD. With CBD bath bombs available for purchase, what’s stopping you from spending hours in the tub each night?

It’s never a bad time to immerse yourself in CBD and enjoy the benefits of hemp on your skin—just talking about it makes us want to wrap this article up and go fill up the tub. 

 Nonetheless, here we are, giving you ideas for the absolute best times to light a few candles, throw on an Enya playlist, and toss in a CBD bath bomb.

How CBD Bath Bombs Work

A couple of decades ago, scientists discovered the endocannabinoid system—a network in our bodies that affects numerous organs and is associated with sleep cycles, stress, and eating habits. 

There’s not much science to cite yet, but the results are promising. As a compound rich in protein and omega fatty acids, CBD works wonders for the skin, making its role in skincare increasingly popular. 

There are all kinds of hemp-based skin care products these days, including serums, face masks, balms, and more.

So how does it all work? 

CBD activates cannabinoid receptors in the body to activate the endocannabinoid system. As the endocannabinoid system regulates inflammation, CBD may influence how quickly you can recover from muscle discomfort. 

Until we know more about CBD, all we can say is how much we enjoy it, especially in the bath bomb form.

Let’s move on to the best times to use a CBD bath bomb?

Great for Workout Recovery

Since CBD’s debut onto the wellness market, athletes and fitness enthusiasts are raving about its recovery benefits. 

CBD is excellent for a post-workout retreat thanks to its ability to gently relax and rejuvenate the outermost layers of skin and muscle. When coupled with essential oils like peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus, CBD becomes an all-in-one recovery supplement.

If you put in the hours at the gym and feel the hint of muscle cramps coming on later, it’s a great time to fill up the tub, drop in a bath bomb, and get to the relief you need. 

For immediate recovery, why not try a CBD muscle and joint cream? It’s already becoming a go-to resource for professional athletes—why not give it a try yourself?

Relax after a Stressful Day

cbdfx bath bombs tubStress is the worst. Not only does it make life harder than it needs to be, but it can increase your risk of stroke and cause all kinds of other chronic conditions. Finding ways to relax isn’t just a leisurely pastime—it’s an essential skill for your wellbeing.

A CBD bath bomb is the perfect way to wash off workday stress and send it right down the drain where it belongs. You don’t have to be an athlete to deserve TLC tonight—after all, you made it through 2020 intact. Pat yourself on the back and with the gift of deep relaxation.

Aromatherapy is serious business. With a nice variety of different scented CBD bath bombs, you can find the perfect mood to tune out the world and soak up some cannabinoids. Water is a well-documented stress reliever, so why not pair it with some pleasant fragrance and beneficial cannabinoids?

Watching Bath Bombs Explode Is Fun

cbdfx us blog When Should You Use a CBD Bath Bomb bath bomb explodeWhether you’re a light thrill-seeker or an amateur scientist, bath bombs are sure to feed the need for excitement. 

Thanks to their effervescent ingredients, bath bombs give a whole new meaning to bubble bath. They spread out quickly in the tub to freshen up the entire bathroom, making the water lively and colorful in the process.

Because bath bombs are effervescent, they help to evenly spread out essential oils that moisturize your skin and leave you feeling soft after toweling off. 

Come on—your inner child longs for a bubble bath equivalent. If you haven’t ever used a bath bomb, now is the time to buy one and give it a shot.

Always Buy Organic Products

More important than when you should use a CBD bath bomb is which kind of CBD bath bomb to use. 

Because the FDA doesn’t heavily regulate hemp products, it’s easy for vendors to concoct shoddy formulas and market them as safe and effective. 

You should always align yourself with reputable companies creating high-quality, organic products. While CBD regulations may not offer much peace of mind, organic growing practices keep vendors a little more honest. 

Organic products are generally more effective since the plant’s terpenes, and cannabinoids are kept intact rather than blended afterward.

Organic doesn’t just apply to CBD, either—all the essential oils and other botanical ingredients play a role in bath bombs. 

With so many chemical-ridden ingredients lurking in bath and body products these days, you want to look for natural products with gentle ingredients that won’t irritate your skin or stain your bathtub bright pink, glue, or green. 

If you’re new to CBD, you may think it’s all the same. Why spend the extra cash if it won’t make a difference? Here’s why: organic products provide a certain peace of mind rather than the manufacturer’s bottom line. 

These products cost more to produce, making it more critical for vendors to recoup their investment—and the only way to do that is through return customers.

How to Find Out What’s In Your CBD Bath Bomb

If you purchase from a reputable vendor, they should have a lab report for you to read. These documents can tell you everything from the percentage of cannabinoids in your product to the presence of mycotoxins, heavy metals, and synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

All of this is important if you want to get the best experience with your CBD bath bomb. 

So when should you use a CBD bath bomb? Today!

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