Wild Edible Plants • Kathy Dice Class • September 2015 • Fairfield, Iowa

By | September 10, 2015

Fairfield, Iowa, September 5, 2015 • Jefferson County Park

Kathy Dice introduced participants to nature’s wild edible plants. Kathy co-owns Red Fern Farms in Wapello, IA and has been a wild edibles enthusiast for 40 years.

00:00 Wood Sorrell
00:48 Plantain
01:24 Cone Flower
03:26 Hog Peanut
04:13 Elderberry
05:27 Rosehips
06:13 Violet
07:50 Jewelweed
11:49 Stinging Nettle
14:39 Sumac
15:40 Wild Ginger
16:38 Milkweed
18:55 Highbush Cranberry
19:30 Crabapples
19:58 Compass plant
21:13 Thistle

Sponsored by: jeffersoncountyconservation.com

Playlist with videos about wild edible plants:

Red Fern Farm is a family owned nursery and farm run and owned by Tom Wahl and Kathy Dice. It is the site of ongoing research on a variety of tree crops and forest farming systems. We raise and sell container grown tree seedlings and medicinal planting roots well suited for the Midwest.

13882 I Ave Wapello, Iowa 52653

Video produced by Werner Elmker Audio-Visual Studio
Website – http://elmker.com
Facebook – http://facebook.com/elmker
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Instagram – @wernerelmker

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