Wild Lettuce- identification and uses

By | May 26, 2019

Today, we talk about another type of Wild Edible. Prickly lettuce or Opium lettuce. Where to find Wild lettuce and the benefits that come with it. I discuss, what it’s used for and what effects, to expect. I talk about its history, its uses, and where to find it. Come along as we search for Wild lettuce and its pain relieving qualities. Below or some channels and there links on how to process the plant. These links will take you directly to the videos that show you how to process wild lettuce. Enjoy!
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Wild Lettuce Extract-https://youtu.be/vwNmxxPYcaU

Making Wild Lettuce Pain Relief-https://youtu.be/OTB1cFbK0a4

Wild Lettuce Tincture-https://youtu.be/TA7XYIR173g

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